We are always looking for Service-focused, Orthodontic All-Stars that are willing to accept the challenge and grow/learn with us.  

Lyons Orthodontics is different than any Orthodontic practice you have ever worked at or heard of for that matter.  We are dedicated to the perfection of the art of guest relationship management (GRM), and will never be bound by the boring, traditional, and downright static barriers that 'old-school' dentistry/orthodontics presents.  

In short, we do things differently; we don't just want, but need to provide a career that transcends your wildest dreams.  If you seek a rewarding career and are ready to be part of the movement, please click on the link below to fill out our career application and tell us about yourself.  We look forward to meeting with you soon!  

Please click on the Link below which will direct you to our Universal Career Application for all positions (you will be able to insert your resume/cover letter so NO NEED FOR AN ATTACHMENT)

Click HERE to submit an application and resume/cover letter 



Team Building Trips to Hawaii well... That's just how we roll!